Integrity Network

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If all around you corrupt practices are seen and if these are exposed then the Network of People with Integrity could be built. You could be anyone but all that is needed is that you dislike sincerely corruption by anyone and anywhere. If you are interested to know about how this works please contact here

You can give any information about anything you feel is important to you about improper Services , leakages , misappropriation or misutilisation of funds meant for anyone engaged in Sericulture. by clicking on the map choosing the relevant place by panning and zooming . Against Category you may write bribe, bad service,swindling,wrong advice.If you think some other Government Organisation is taking money without giving Services or facilities or inputs please give details under details After filling the relevant fields please click the Save Button

If you refresh your web page after giving information above, the sorted data would appear below and personal information would not be displayed. But the data takes time to appear in the map below.

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